1 Day - 11,443 Steps - 47 Pictures

1 Day - 11,443 Steps - 47 Pictures

An incredibly beautiful day, I need to exercise and there's an empty beach. 

The perfect day for a long walk so see what I can see

The smallest, simplest things catch my eye

...and then I see this dude surfing in January. Is it the winter version of "Endless Summer"?

Continental Shelf

Love is in the air

Getting closer to the halfway mark

Almost there


and the other side of there

someone's hungry (me too)

Recycling tires into a reef seemed like a great idea in 1977 - not so much today.

Fraternal twins

Tide's coming in

He and I agree - no vehicles on the beach

White trash

Five beach ladies

Romeo, Romeo

Two heads are better than one

lunch time on the Top deck

Give us this day, our daily bread (but don't eat those carbs)

...and a simple reminder of those who taught me the love of this place - a jury-rigged sink handle....exactly how my grandfather, "Big Tom", would make a repair where function was always more important than form...

Something old

Something new

Something borrowed

...and something blue.

Blackbeard wouldn't approve

Let freedom ring

Little red corvette (a/k/a a booze-scooter)

Old Yeller...new yeller...or really, really yeller?

Beach cabana (and I'm getting closer to home)

Jurassic Park?

Let the sunshine in (hippie genes showing)

Tippecanoe and Andrew too

half-untethered patriot

57 + 12

Pathway to heaven

Can't wait 'til spring


Progress across the street

Bozo (thanks to a very windy day) is finally home.


Feeling more than just a little smug

....and now off to the movie (I'm going to walk there too).

Update: I just returned home from The Post and can't recommend this movie highly enough. It underscores the importance of a free press and reminds me how lucky I am to work with, be friends with, be married to and be the father of strong women.


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