Christmas Day Sunset - Atlantic Beach, NC

And what more needs to be said? ..

Three Fine Days (One Helluva Good Weekend)

Some weekends just work and even though the family was scattered east and west in North Carolina, from Linville to Atlantic Beach (and Wilson, of course) and north and south from New York to New Orleans, it's been a picture perfect weekend. I'm at the beach doing my normal beach stuff - running errands, putzing around the cottage, taking long walks and having a good meal or two (...or three). Susan, Elizabeth and Page are on a girl's trip to New York while Joe and Alex are in Raleigh for a birthday and an action-packed, fun-filled Alex-centric weekend. Anderson and Campbell are on the wedding circuit and Cotton and Sawyer are left behind at home in Raleigh. In the meantime, my cousin entertained her father and friends with a special dinner in Wilson while Johnny and Susan visited Claire in New Orleans. Enough of the words....I'll let the pictures tell the story of one family's fan-damn-tastic weekend.  ..


An Eastern North Carolina Haiku

An Eastern North Carolina Haiku

It was that kind of week - the type that leaves me feeling jumpy and nervous; wondering what's going on in this crazy world. Every time I turned on the TV there was "Breaking News", which is never breaking "good news". That wording, highlighted in bold red print, grabs my attention and (whether intended or not) raises my anxiety level. On the radio, pundits were constantly arguing (as they usually are these days). Politicians are tweeting about each other, the "fake" news media and "Hollywood" types. It's a vicious circle that I wanted to escape, if only for a day.  ..


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