Sixty (in the land of cotton...old times there are not forgotten)

Sixty (in the land of cotton...old times there are not forgotten)

Driving to Raleigh on Tuesday, Rocky Mount yesterday, and to Elm City today, I couldn't help but notice all the cotton that is in full bloom and making a handsome, feather-like halo of the fields surrounding Wilson. So what's a guy supposed to do but take a quick picture and do what all the young people do? Yep- make it a selfie.

What a huge mistake because I no longer see fields of cotton but instead just an old goat: perhaps Gerald O'Hara looking at his '17 cotton crop? Except I don't own an square foot of farm land. So here's the deal: clearly, my arms need to be five or six feet (yards?) longer for a (decent) selfie....for a picture with more cotton and less me. A lot less me. And what's going on with my nose which is getting that due to age? And I'm noticing the hair is getting thinner (+ grayer, if that's possible) and my eyebrows match the cotton fields. On the plus side, you can't see my bald spot and ye olde double chin is somewhat hidden because I was looking up at the camera. Is this what 60 looks like? Well, damn, I think it is.


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